Lecturer Business and Environmental Sustainability

Lecturer Business and Environmental Sustainability



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    Kronenburgh stands for high-quality private education. We take care of:
    • Pre-university vocational business programmes (MBO4 / BTEC3),
    • Bachelor's degrees in Business,
    • In both full-time and part-time.

    The target audience
    This unit is part of the MBO4 / BTEC 3 program. So, the target audience are students aged 17 to 22 with a vocational practical business focus. In 1.5 year, they will progress to HBO / University.
    What the unit is about
    An improved awareness of the environmental impact of business activities and a desire to operate more sustainably has meant that business organisations look more closely at their capacity to control pollution, manage waste and conserve energy. Additionally, increased public awareness of environmental issues has led to considerable investment in sustainable development and renewable energy sources. Many organisations have realised that it is both responsible practice and good business sense to develop more efficient processes, using fewer natural resources and producing less waste.
    In this unit, students will learn how business activities can impact the environment and explore ways in which business organisations can aim to improve sustainability while still meeting the needs of their stakeholders. Students will investigate the business and environmental practices of local business organisations and examine ways in which they can balance the need to improve their impact on the environment with the need to carry out their business operations and achieve commercial or operational aims.
    This unit will help students to progress to higher education courses exploring business practices, the environment and sustainability, and will enable students to make an informed choice of suitable organisations for employment or to partner with in business undertakings.

    Who we're looking for
    We are looking for a lecturer who can contribute the necessary practical experience to inspire our full-time students (aged 17 to 22).
    The unit is in English. It is therefore necessary that you have a good command of English.

    What we can offer
    We pay € 55.00 per hour, free of VAT. A lecture day consists of 6 lecture hours of 60 minutes (3 more theoretical hours and 3 more practical hours). This means € 330, - per day. So, 4 days, a total of € 1.320, -. Rate includes all preparations, making and marking of day tests and (re) exams, oral administration, supervision and marking of assignments. There is also a € 0.19 allowance per km and a parking or public transport allowance.

    Planning and Location
    The unit will start in full-time on Wednesday February 15, 2023, and will continue until Wednesday 15 February 2023. Lecture times 09.00-16.20.
    College building: Lange Houtstraat 7 2511CV The Hague.

    We request that you email your CV with a passport photo.

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