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    Deadline: 12-01-2018 12:00
    Startdatum: 01-02-2018 Einddatum: 29-06-2018
    Inzet: 40 uur per week
    Locatie: Schiphol
    Een software engineer die een software Build (setup) gaat analyseren , monitoren, onderhouden, verbeteren in verband met de komende W10 migratie.
    Here below the needing of E&M that could feet with an Workstation Engineer 

    To reach a controlled environment where changes are executed with predictable results, with contained and as little impact as technically feasible. 
    The intent is to reach this target along both procedural and technological lines. In structural cooperation with DS agency and engineering. 

    Phases for technological part: 
    1. Analyze & Simplify workstation setup 
    a. Analyze technical dependencies (what applications bring what plug-ins, java versions, policy requirements) 
    b. Define ways to manage dependencies as modular as possible. 
    c. Create and implement fitting solutions. 
    d. Asses impact of W10 migration 
    2. Monitor and maintain/improve workstation setup 

    Work package: 
    In order to execute phase 1, we need to have a DS Client Stack specialist who can make an inventory all the different profile related to applications and plug-ins for the E&M Client environment. Together with this assessment of the client environment we need to have a clear understanding of the different changes related to that client environment. (For instance the migration to the Windows 10 environment and the related scheduled patches on the Windows 10 environment. But also the changes on the existing applications and online Tools that require special plug-ins to operate on our client stack.) 

    So an overview of all contacts within the organization is necessary. And a single point of contact for the organization are mandatory to solve and manage problems. 

    We foresee that the first months will focus on the inventory of the complete environment for E&M and after that period to consolidate the know environment and manage the issues coming out of the changes that will be part of the ongoing changing world of client stack applications. 
    The assessment will consist out of the inventory of the different websites with their style sheets, client application browser plug-ins, runtime java JRE and software OS, registry and group policies. We therefor need a full time employee for the first two months to get it all in place. 

    The amount of work after this period is not known but will become clear as soon as we have the complete picture of the environment with the related applications and plug-ins ready. So during this period we will give an indication of the amount of work necessary after those two months but we definite need assistance after that period of two months.

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