Support Infra Engineer (Websphere/Jython) (QR8920)

Support Infra Engineer (Websphere/Jython) (QR8920)



  • Omschrijving

    Functie: Support Infra Engineer (Websphere/Jython) (QR8920)
    Start: 18-7-2022, 36 uur per week
    Periode: 12 mnd+
    Omgeving: Amsterdam

    For our client in Amsterdam, we are looking for a Support Infra Engineer (Websphere/Jython)

    General tasks
    • Supporting the application's infrastructure including incident management, monitoring using current mature tooling & scripting, IT risk management, proactive capacity management, and security
    • Improving the automation of our client's IT processes, e.g. planting infrastructure-as-code by Implementing Operations infra work via Azure DevOps pipelines and helping them get to the next level of maturity with respect to Continuous Delivery

    Specific tasks
    • Coordinate penetration testing, and technical certificate upgrades
    • Perform IT Resilience activities such as Disaster recovery and evidencing for audit purposes
    • Basic understanding of Infrastructure network and knowledge of firewall setup between infra-components
    • Take appropriate action if vulnerability scanning or patch testing gives rise to such
    • Proactively monitor supplier's release plans and initiate appropriate lifecycle management stories when relevant. In this case; the supplier can be Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, etc.
    • Coordinate with DevOps teams and participate in migration projects (e.g. private cloud, infrastructure component upgrades (e.g, Oracle database version upgrades, etc))
    • Actively monitors, manages, tests, deploys, and operates one or more infrastructure components used by an inhouse application
    • Determine the impact of changes and takes appropriate actions
    • Ensure that all hardware and software within the system are suitably up-to-date, patched, supportable, secure and current
    • Monitor that system security complies with our client's standards and policies
    • Ensure that the necessary risk-related activities are timely performed
    • Apply version control
    • Conduct accurate maintenance of application components in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
    • Continuously improves the automation of deployment and operations tools and activities
    • Monthly Availability report, Daily health check, interface configuration of the application, daily incident management, Release & change management
    • Maintenance, patching, planned out of office work for patching & upgrades during a maintenance window
    • Process management: IT security and evidencing for external audits
    • Automate and improve daily work with an SRE mindset

    Profile (desired skills & experience)
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or an equivalent field
    • You love technology and naturally stay up-to-date on relevant new developments (e.g. containerizing our client's platform)
    • Ability to coordinate technical migration projects (Private cloud migration, Database migration projects)
    • IT security engineering experience w.r.t. Technical Platform (Vulnerability per server & resolving them with troubleshooting skills) and evidencing these activities
    • You measure and work towards faster time-to-market

    • Knowledge & experience in Oracle administration skills, Linux shell scripting, AWK, SED, python
    • Monitoring tooling experience using ELK ( / SquaredUp / Prometheus
    • Understanding of Credit Risk concepts

    Technical skills
    Competency/Proficiency the following is required:
    • [GOOD TO HAVE] Good knowledge of Oracle needed for troubleshooting
    - PL/SQL (ability to retrieve data using DDL statements. Ability to improve performance of database using AWR report, SQL tuning, etc.
    - Knowledge of database cloning activities
    • [MUST HAVE] Websphere 8.5 admin, front end server setup experience for current Websphere setup in private cloud and to help with a future front end technology to migrate from Websphere
    • [GOOD TO HAVE] CICD using Azure DevOps with the ability to create Ansible playbook in Azure DevOps
    • [MUST HAVE] Jython (Python in Java) experience to understand the configuration setup of Websphere components
    • Ability to efficiently address incidents related to infrastructure and flow of application data
    • Good knowledge of Linux shell scripting, PERL scripting, python
    • Knowledge of Ansible for being able to read and write playbooks
    • General knowledge of PL/SQL, OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), monitoring of Infrastructure stack
    • General knowledge of middleware technologies, MQ, file transfer, TIBCO, Kafka event bus
    • IT Risk management

    • You are a team player. Teamwork is one of the core competencies of the DevOps Engineer. Since you work in multidisciplinary teams, it is important that you work well with people and share information that is important to others. You are open to the input of others and you are prepared to learn from them. You place the importance of a common goal above personal goals. This way, you encourage teamwork in order to achieve mutual goals.
    • Professional Expertise/ market focus. You are passionate about IT. You work on the development of your knowledge in certain fields and as your level of experience increases, you also develop deeper and broader knowledge. At the highest level within this function, the focus of professional expertise shifts to vision. Your skill level enables you to have a strategic outlook on the future and make a link between the current situation, developments, the corporate strategy, and the long-term vision.
    • As a DevOps Engineer, you are able to make good analyses. Problem analysis and judgement are therefore essential competencies in this profile. To the customer, you act as an expert in analyzing requirements. You are familiar with potential problems related to the IT products to be implemented and as you develop, you increase your ability to anticipate these problems.
    • Performance motivation: a DevOps Engineer consistently tries to improve performance and the IT services provided. You continuously focus on improving your personal performance and that of your team. You strive to achieve high work standards and are not satisfied with average levels of performance.
    • Flexibility is required in order to get things done. You do not just give up when things are not going well, and you know who or where to turn to within the organization if you need support.
    • Besides his/her persuasiveness, a successful DevOps Engineer also has the ability to adjust his/her style of communication to and take into account the interests of the people he/she is addressing. Within the multidisciplinary teams in which you work, you are able to use arguments that appeal to the people taking part in the discussion and you present your arguments in measured doses at crucial moments. At higher levels, you influence higher management and different stakeholders.
    • Customer focus and customer interests paramount: a successful DevOps Engineer comes up with solutions that meet the needs of the customer. You understand the customer s needs and wishes and you can therefore advise the customer on the best IT solution based on your professional expertise.
    • Planning and organization: the planning and organization competency is highly important when it comes to performing the activities in a good flow of sprints. This involves the ability to accurately assess the size of the units, set their priority, and schedule them. Of course, this also involves progress monitoring, ensuring that scheduled tasks are completed on time.
    • You are an Orange Code role model:
    - You are always a step ahead
    - You take it on and make it happen
    - You help others be successful

    Behavioral skills
    • Go getter
    • Strong communication
    • Self-organized

    Extra informatie:
    Qualogy streeft ernaar om iedere kandidaat binnen 5 werkdagen een persoonlijke reactie te sturen.
    Indien de klant een security screening vereist zijn de (eenmalige) kosten hiervan voor eigen rekening.

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