65. Lecturer International Business Law

65. Lecturer International Business Law



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    Kronenburgh stands for high-quality private education. We take care of:
    • Pre-university vocational business programmes (MBO4 / BTEC3),
    • Bachelor’s degree in business management (BA),
    • In both full-time and part-time.
    What the unit is about
    Doing business internationally requires being familiar with the legal context of international trade. Think about Private Law, European Law, Negotiations, Courts, free movement of goods, persons, services and capital, competition law, carriage, incoterms, payment and entry modes. In short, a whole world to become familiar with and to anticipate risks.
    The aim of this unit is to enhance students’ understanding of how business law is applied to the running of a business organisation. Students will examine the impact of the law on business operations and decision making.
    Throughout the unit, students will identify the legal solutions available to business owners and assess their suitability. Students will gain an understanding of the law in relation to market abuse and director responsibilities. Students will be able to recognise the application of employment law while gaining a practical understanding of the skills and experiences undertaken by those practising in a business law context.
    By the end of this unit a student will be able to:
    • LO1 Explain the nature of the legal system
    • LO2 Illustrate the potential impact of the law on a business
    • LO3 Examine the formation of different types of business organisations
    • LO4 Recommend appropriate legal solutions to resolve areas of dispute.
    Who we're looking for
    We are looking for a lecturer who can contribute the necessary practical experience to inspire our full-time students (aged 18 to 24).
    The unit is in English. It is therefore necessary that you have a good command of English.
    The planning
    The unit will start in the full-time programme on Thursday 18 January 2024 and will continue on until 07 March 2024. Final presentations on Thursday 21 March 2024. Lecture times 09.00-16.20.
    College building: Lange Houtstraat 7 2511CV The Hague.
    What we can offer
    We pay € 65. - per hour, free of VAT. A lecture day consists of 6 lecture hours of 60 minutes. This means € 390. - per day. Rate includes preparation and marking of day tests and (re) exams, oral administration, supervision and marking of assignments. So, 8 days, a total of € 3,120. –
    There is also a € 0.21 km allowance per km and a parking or public transport allowance.
    We request that you email your CV with a passport photo.

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